About the Gallery

Gallery Arts Trust was registered as a charity on 15 November 2001.

The main objective of the Charity is to foster and promote the maintenance, improvement and development of artistic taste and the knowledge, understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of the arts among the public generally.

The subsidiary objectives are:

  1. To facilitate and, if appropriate, finance research for the purpose of furthering the objectives of the Trust.
  2. To operate a gallery for the display of innovative exhibitions of contemporary art.
  3. To encourage accessibility for all including those with special needs.
  4. To place artists at the starting point for all programmes with their involvement as interpreters of art and selecting historical and thematic exhibitions to expand the content of current issues.
  5. To provide a community education programme in association with existing organisations.
  6. To take a lease of a gallery and carry out necessary modifications.
  7. To provide an attractive, flexible welcoming display area.

The Trust has an informal lease on the Gallery at 5 Drury Lane, Lincoln. In pursuance of it objectives, the Trust then makes the Gallery available to local artists who, on payment of a nominal fee, are given the opportunity to display their work in purpose-built surroundings.