Vincent Haddelsey 1934 – 2010

Tuesday 15th April – Sunday 27th April 2014

Vincent Haddelsey

Born in Grimsby in April 1934, Vincent Haddelsey was a self-taught artist who acquired a love of horses at a young age and travelled the world in pursuit of his subject matter. He studied horses and landscapes in Mongolia, China, India and Chile, participated in the rodeo in Mexico, rode with hounds in Europe and show jumped in England and Canada, all the time painting the scenes he saw. Preferring to be known as an ‘equestrian painter’ rather than an artist, he exhibited widely and his work is included in the Royal collection. He died in Paris in August 2010. This retrospective exhibition of paintings and prints is a rare chance to view the work of this fascinating artist.

William Golding image for exhibition  portrait


This exhibition is sponsored by

JHW - Small (Colour)GY&M square

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Phil Bowman

Tuesday 29th April – Sunday 11th May 2014

‘Journey 2′

Featuring work inspired by the Turkish coast.

Phil Bowman  Phil Bowman (3)

Phil Bowman (2)

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Tuesday 13th May – Sunday 25th May

ARTESCAPE Competition Winners Exhibition

The Artescape trust is a local Lincoln art charity that was set up in 1981 by Michael Patrick Gogan. For 21 years the trust offered two artescape fellows accommodation for a year rent free, culminating in an open day to display the work. This lasted for 20 years and there were 30 different artescape fellows who lived at the Artescape house. It has evolved since the death of Dr Gogan, with his daughters Annabel and Ingrid taking over as directors and creating an artescape trust that is now fully digitalised.

Michael Patrick Gogan passionately believed in the arts and thinking it was difficult to progress in this area wanted to help talented and hardworking artists, to give them extra opportunities to succeed with their art. The directors follow this ethos to facilitate newly qualified local art students. The original aim was to “enable and encourage Artescape fellows towards constructive creativity“which still applies today. Artescape supports creativity by offering local graduating or newly graduated art students space and resources towards realising their potential.

Artescape’s current venture is a competition for final year art students or newly qualified art graduates. The competition is to win a two week exhibition space at the Sam Scorer gallery in Lincoln, May 13-24th 2014, with a cash prize of £500 plus £100 towards exhibition expenses. It is a digital competition and students will be able to get details etc. from the artescape word blog The competition launched at the end of September 2013 with all entries in by the closing date of the 6th of December 2013. The winner will be informed by Friday the 20th of December 2013. No entry fee required, but the winning graduates will need to invigilate the exhibition for the duration of the exhibition.

SAM_2392 v2

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Kevin Wallhead

Monday 26th May – Sunday 8th June


“As a figurative artist working in the medium of glass and metal, my drawings are an alternative to traditional drawing techniques, a method I have developed over the last fifteen years through a natural progression.

Experimentation is a very important factor in this progression and with a simple palette of glass and copper, sterling silver, 24ct gold, schlag, brass and aluminium, which all perform with a desired unpredictability, new work has evolved. I am figurative, but I do make other stuff too!”

Elements of Times Past I & II (diptych) 2013 87 x 31cm   African Daisy

Open daily 10am – 5pm

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William Farr Comprehensive School

Tuesday 10th June – Sunday 22nd June 2014

William Farr Photography: Past and Present 2003-2014

Photography has been part of the curriculum at William Farr School for 25 years and this exhibition reflects the most recent work of 12 former students and current students who studied the subject at Advanced Level (first introduced in 2005). It includes the work of 3 professional Photographers working in London and locally: 1 third year degree student and 8 current sixth form students who join together to celebrate the success of this continually growing subject in a variety of lens based media.

George Barker-Light at the end of the tunnelGeorge Barker – ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’

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Alan Abbey

Tuesday 24th June – Sunday 6th July

Alan  was born in 1956 in a small village in North Linconshire. He studied Graphic Design at Doncaster College of Art in the mid 70s.

‘I started Lino Cuts about 4 years ago and I have had work exhibited at the Ferens Gallery in Hull and the Harley Gallery in Welbeck, the Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe and the Ropewalk in Barton upon Humber plus 2 exhibitions at the Gallery in St Martins. I am also a member of Linconshire Artists Society.’

Alan Abbey (5) Alan Abbey (6) Alan Abbey (7) Alan Abbey (2)

more information to follow soon


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Denise Hawthorne

Tuesday 1st April – Sunday 13th April 2014

‘Now and Then’

The acrylic and mixed media paintings in this exhibition have all been produced in the last three years since my retirement from teaching Art and Design. I was, however, trained as a printmaker and the etchings, woodcuts and silk screen prints included in this exhibition alongside my recent work were produced at the beginning of my career as an artist some thirty years ago.  Hence the title, Now & Then.

During the exhibition I‘ll be staging two demonstrations in the gallery. The first on Friday 4th April the focus will be on using acrylics in a loose, expressiveway. The second, on Wednesday 9th, will be concerned with how to involve other materials with acrylic media in order to add depth and energy to a painting.  Both demonstrations will start at 11am, should last about a couple of hours and there will be no charge for admission.

Demonstrations: Friday 4th April 11am – 1pm Expressive Acrylics 

Wednesday 9th April 11am -1pm Mixed Media

PICT0028  Denise Hawthorne (25)

Denise Hawthorne (24)  Denise Hawthorne

Open Tuesday-Sunday 10am to 4pm

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Phil Tetlow Dip A.D (Hons) A.T.C.

Tuesday 18th March – Sunday 30th March 2014

Travelling Light

Graduated in Fine Art at Sheffield College of Art before teaching in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Now painting and exhibiting both locally and in other parts of the country.

My common theme is light and its effect on the world we live in, landscape, buildings, people. I love the huge open skies and the sudden seasonal changes. I want to capture that instant play of light on the landscape, the contrasting tones, the dapples and reflections. I generally work in acrylics and often start with a dark canvas and work lighter tone on tone until, after building up the layers, the finished painting emerges. I am one of that generation of painters who were trained in a traditional way and acknowledge the influence of Paul Henry, Alfred Munnings and the Impressionists on my work. I also accept commissions for portraits and other subjects.

Phil Tetlow (4)

Phil Tetlow (2)  Phil Tetlow



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Bishop Grosseteste University Visual Arts Students Exhibition

Tuesday 4th March – Sunday 16th March 2014


Part two of Bishop Grosseteste Visual Arts events.  Now the students take centre stage at the gallery.

!cid_image003_jpg@01CF15EA 101_0396 Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 21.18.31


Open daily 10am – 5pm (closed Mondays)

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Bishop Grosseteste University Visual Arts Staff Exhibition

Tuesday 18th February – Sunday 2nd March 2014


Verso is an exhibition by staff in Visual Arts at Bishop Grosseteste University. The work covers a range of disciplines from ceramics, metals, glass and textiles through to printmaking, painting, photography, video and audio.

Providing the students with such diverse knowledge and understanding helps them to develop their own interests and open up new areas of possibilities.

Verso is the first in a two part exhibition by staff & students working in Visual Arts at Bishop Grosseteste University. A student exhibition entitled Recto will follow on 4 March 2014.


Open daily 10am – 5pm (closed Mondays)



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