“Folded, Wrapped & Bound” Janet Taylor


Tues 21st June- Sun 3rd July

“Folded, Wrapped & Bound”  Janet Taylor

Artescape Winner 2016

Postcard J._T Postcard PV reverse


The Artescape exhibition for 2016, the winner is Janet, a Bishop Grosseteste student who uses materials, rust and textures in her work.  The private view is Thursday the 23rd of June starting at 5pm.


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“Vantage Point” Aidan O’Carroll

Mon 6th June – Sun 19th June

“Vantage Point” Aidan O’Carroll      This input has been put on retrospectively due to technical problems with the website

Helpringham-High-Street-1-212x140Aidan creates work in a unique graphic style, invoking mood and atmosphere whilst still allowing the viewer space to interpret the work for themselves.

Aidan’s exhibition was well attended, with lots of positive feedback and comments from the public. Aidan enjoyed his time at the gallery and we hope he will exhibit with us again in the future.

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Exhibition news May – July 2016

Exhibition news  july 2016

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Current Exhibition Imprints by Lisa Mitchell 26th April – 15th May 2016

By Lisa Mitchell-1 Lisa Mitchell – Artist Statement for Sam Scorer

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Update on our current exhibition from Anne Larder



FullSizeRender-2Two years ago, I asked Helena if she would join me and have a ‘two woman’ show of our work. We had seen my paintings and her wood sculpture together previously at group shows and thought they shared a similar theme.

We submitted our request to the gallery and I am delighted to be here now with her, interacting with our visitors and presenting our work in this lovely space.

We were welcomed on arrival by one of the gallery managers and given the necessary information about the gallery policy before we installed our work.
Then the gallery was handed over to us for 2 weeks.

To make our work look attractive and easy to view we worked together during the installation. Helena using the plinths and floor space and my paintings on the walls using the rail hanging system. I also brought my own small easels for some paintings to stand alone around the room.

We positioned colourful pieces in the window area to attract people as they walked by and gain their interest encouraging them to come in and see more.

The kitchen area is ideal for preparing refreshments and we have placed the gallery table nearby with a table cloth to serve our visitors tea and coffee with home-made biscuits. We chose to have a daily ‘hospitality’ rather than a ‘preview’ occasion.

For me, meeting the visitors is an important part of showing my work. I have set up a small easel and trolley with my painting equipment to let them see how I work. I am a ‘Daily Painter’ so painting whilst they are browsing in the gallery is quite comfortable for me and I am happy to explain what I do.

I am really enjoying this experience at Sam’s. After preparing this large body of work it is good to see the paintings all together in one space. The spot lighting and natural light from the roof windows are just right for our art and visitors have enough room to walk around or sit and relax whilst viewing the show.

Thank you Sam Scorer for this little gem in our beautiful city. I hope to be back.

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CNN Christmas Exhibition and Sale 21st November 2016 – 18th december 2016

Christmas Crafts -Affordable handmade crafts for unique gifts.Baying Stag -Adele Billinghay -  Glass Artist Laura Mabbutt - felt artist-1 Continue reading

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Jacquie and Bill McNeill

three dishes etched Bill McNeill 031 (2)Bill McNeill 038Bill McNeill 045 Bill McNeill 086 Bill McNeill 174 Bill McNeill

18th-31st July 2016

Jacquie and Bill McNeill

Jacquie and Bill will be exhibiting their glass, with the emphasis on surface design and light!

Their glass shows some of the most aesthetic and decorative detail throughout the UK.

Sea, landscape, flora and Celtic influences pre-dominate their creativity.

The use of elaborate glass cutting skills are shown in their larger limited edition pieces, with a contrast of intricate detail in their illustrations!

The combination of design with the introduction of light, will provide an exciting, dynamic exhibition, worthy of a viewing!

Meet the artists on Saturday 23rd and 30th July 2016


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Derrick Hawker

Derrick Hawker29th Feb – 13th March 2016

Derrick Hawker

Derrick Hawker took up his post as Principal of Lincolnshire College of Art & Desin in 1984 until his early retirement in the late 1990s.

He returned to Southern Ireland where he once again immersed himself as a full-time painter.

He developed his painting style recording the constantly moving light across the undulating rock-strewn area of Connemara. Derrick became adept and skilful in employing his painting style to record and interpret moving light as it divides and changes allowing viewers to see a figurative image from both distance and in close up detail used to explore patterns and shapes within this unique landscape.

Previous exhibitions include:

An Islands Retrospective sponsored by Galway City Museum

also producing The Ballynakill Lake, Gorumna series

There will be an Exhibition launch by invitation on Sat 5th March 2016 11.00am – 5pm

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Lisa Mitchell

Lost by Lisa MitchellIMPRINTS

Lisa Mitchell

25th April – 8th May 2016

As  living, breathing souls inhabiting this small planet together, it is built within our default settings to engage in relationships with others, be that as a friend, work colleague, lover, parent, child and even ourselves. We cannot avoid them and each connection is unique. Some of which leave imprints on our lives forever.
It is these relationships that forge us, help us to grow, develop and at times destroy us.
We learn how to love and we learn how to be hurt.
Our interpretations of which are as unique as our fingerprints.
The pieces I have selected to include in the exhibition are a culmination of two years work. As an artist I am always exploring and trying new techniques. For the past few years I have been working solely in Photography however just recently I have also been returning to my Textile background and producing more mixed media works.
I am a lover of the written word and this too plays an integral part within my work and  excerpts of which you will also be able to see here.
Life is for living….and without feelings we cannot be alive!

SAMSUNG CSC By Lisa Mitchell-2 By Lisa Mitchell-1 By Lisa Mitchell (2)


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Jemima Sims


Jemima Sims

11th April – 24th April 2016

A first solo exhibition of paintings exploring cities and cultures by artist Jemima Sims.

“I work predominatley in acrylic paint aiming for realism”explains the artist “I explore shape, colour, light and shade, using traditional methods to depict modern culture”

The exhibition is inspired by Japanese and Chinese traditional art, urban and country life and portraiture, both painted and photographical.

artists web-site www.spanglefish.com/JemimaSimsArtistandIllustratorJemima Sims Cityspeak 12736468_575235952630531_824191405_n Jemima Sims Cityspeak 12735623_575235872630539_1413296999_n Jemima Sims Cityspeak 12714056_575236025963857_1360886460_n

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