For The Love

Tuesday 13th January – Sunday 1st February 2015

The Trinity Group, Sleaford Art Group,

Carlton Le Moorland & District Art Group and The Nettleham Art Group

‘For the Love’, is a new kind of show for the Sam Scorer gallery as it brings together four local art groups, Carlton le Moorland and District, Sleaford, Nettleham and the Trinity group from Lincoln. Each group will be bringing a selection of their work.

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The diverse background of the groups means that they work in a wide range of different media, in lively and original ways. However they all have a passion to create and to share their vision. The groups will be holding ‘Meet the Artists’ afternoons on Sunday the 18th and 25th of January and Sunday 1st February, which will give visitors the chance to talk about the work and find out how they can get involved.

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Open daily 10am – 4pm (closed Mondays.)


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Art on the Map

Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 15th February 2015


‘Projections’ are communications that rely on vision and the works exhibited here are creations that are a visual or tangible rendering of something projecting from the artist’s own hidden desires and impulses; works that best sum up the artist who made them.

Graham Perkins - 33000 And Counting Peter Skilton - Nice Ink Sheila Pearce - Zesti Glass 6 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Art On The Map is an association of Lincolnshire’s leading artists and craft makers, from Painters, Sculptors and Textile Artists to Glass and Furniture Makers. Entry is free and here is a great opportunity for everyone to see our leading artist’s work exhibited in one place.

The show will run from Tuesday 3rd February to Sunday 15th February, 2015.

Open daily 10am to 4pm (closed Mondays)

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Bishop Grosseteste Art and Design Students

Tuesday 16th February – Sunday 1st March 2015

Bishop Grosseteste Art and Design Students

bishop grot


More information to follow soon!


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East Coast 7

Tuesday 3rd – Sunday 15th March 2015

Time, Tide and Beyond

We are a group of seven, dedicated, postgraduate fine artists rooted in the east coast region. We are bound by a common goal – to bring our unique surroundings to life through a variety of approaches.

One of our main strengths is that we work across a range of disciplines, both two and three dimensional. We use the tools and techniques of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and printmaking to respond to the nuances of our particular area and to look beyond the visible.

Our vision is to support each other in the continuing development of our own art practice and to encourage the public’s engagement with art.

Heather Pickwell 4 Jackie Welton 3 Julie Gough 3 Pippa Llewellyn 2 Sally Yarrington 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tina Waller 1

Open daily 10 – 4pm.


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Julia Law

Tuesday 17th – Sunday 29th March 2015

‘echoes in oil’

“My love for oil painting began at university.  While learning to paint, I was able to study the medium through the techniques of the world’s greatest artists.  I have been exploring its potential ever since.

From Lava & Sea by Julia Law Sundown Man & Dog 'echoes in oil' From Alit by Julia Law

As a student, I was encouraged to explore abstract and conceptual art and to search for something new.  I don’t consider myself a ‘landscape artist’ and would prefer not to be assigned any label.   I draw inspiration from the bounty of life.  It might come from the colour of leaves against a blue sky or, just as easily, from a facial expression, the mood of a stormy day or the sun shimmering on the sea.  I use sketches and photographs to develop the composition.  I then explore style and technique; this continues throughout the development of the painting and eventually an image evolves that I hope will be interesting, stimulating and visually pleasing.”

for SS

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Helene Markham Jones

Tuesday 31st March – Sunday 12th April 2015

Helene Markham Jones

Paintings & digital + 3D Print

More information to follow soon!

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John and Pam Pickering

Tuesday 9th December – Sunday 21st December

‘The Power of Two’

Following their successful exhibition at Lincoln’s “Gallery at St.Martin’s” in the summer, John and Pam will be showing a greatly expanded set of work for the first time at the Sam Scorer Gallery.

John, a highly regarded painter previously established in the North of England, (now Lincoln based), produces images in a powerful graphic style, which challenge accepted perceptions of the watercolour genre.

His subjects range from highly stylised landscapes, to whimsical animal illustrations, often with a vintage feel – and a quirky humour!


Pam, well known for her life-long career as a textile practitioner, now creates exciting soft sculpture figures, rich in texture and attitude, alongside a range of decorative textile panels and exquisite jewellery.

  Le Cirque suntrees

They are a formidable duo, whose work sparks off each other – totally different but totally connected – “The Power of Two”

jester manikin 1Vase with Flowers

Exhibition open daily from 10.00am – 4.00pm  (closed Mondays)

- FREE ADMISSION – Everyone will be made very welcome

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Lincolnshire Artists’ Society

Tuesday 25th November – Sunday 7th December 2014

 LAS  ’Winter Show’

After a very successful Summer Exhibition at the gallery, Lincolnshire Artists’ Society is delighted to be back here for their Winter Show.

There will be a range of art from many of Lincolnshire’s best-loved artists including paintings and 3D work. Carol Butler, the incoming Chairman of the Society, said: “There will be something to delight and perhaps tempt visitors as our exhibitions always include an exciting mix of work: paintings, ceramics, glass, stone and wood. This year we will be open for the Christmas Market, we look forward to welcoming visitors from far and wide as well as friends from around the county. If you are visiting the Market please call in at The Scorer Gallery and enjoy a little calm away from the crowds.”

xmoGh01a19dQqVn1NvZ9E5-V1w9q8Ooc4wRd_hP_l1QiltMMyaQzA6TVCZjk8cvN9z2xMqZJNXd00AMmz3IYzs-760x468Bruce - Alan 2 Italian politics - right

The gallery will be open 10.30 – 4.30pm each day with a late night opening until 8pm on 4th, 5th and 6th December during the Lincoln Christmas Market. Admission is free.

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Graham Underhill

Tuesday 11th November – Sunday 23rd November 2014

Here, There and the Elsewhere        -  Lincoln  -

Here, There and the Elsewhere is a touring project supported by Arts Council England and Lincolnshire County Council. It explores space, time and the ways in which memory and anticipation influence the perception of place. The themes are treated in a general way and also in ways directly related to the five places on the tour.

Graham Underhill

The artist, Graham Underhill, made research visits to Lincoln on four separate occasions, making drawings, taking photographs and recording video. As an infrequent visitor he came to the city with an innocent eye and recorded images purely for their visual interest. In addition to visual impressions, written records of the incidents and sounds of everyday life were made for inclusion in the finished works.

Lincoln 22,29-08-13 (s)    From Moment To Moment (detail 1)    Lincoln Colour Study

Children from Monk’s Abbey Primary School and a senior resident of the city collaborated in the making of a video piece, providing their thoughts and memories for the sound track, bringing additional layers of memory, anticipation, imagination and meaning to the completed film.

To enrich the exhibition in Lincoln, the artist invites visitors to contribute their own memories and visual impressions of the city. What visual aspects of Lincoln are gone but not forgotten? What visual images are the highlights of the city? What thoughts of the past do the street names conjure up? What changes will the future bring? Thoughts can be added by posting them in writing at the exhibition, or by submitting them through the Lincoln pages of the project website:-

Opening daily 10am – 4pm


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Peter Moss

Tuesday 28th October – Sunday 9th November

‘We are here again’

Peter Moss  – Ceramicist and Invited Artist Allan Bruce

Following their successful exhibition last year, After Italy (Dopo Italia), Peter and Allan are making a welcome return to the gallery. Peter will be exhibiting a series of his bowls and dishes and three of his stunning Kimonos pieces and three Egyptian figures.

Allan will be showing a collection of recently completed smaller watercolours.

Pete Moss

Open daily 10am – 4pm (closed Mondays)

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