4 Printmakers – Go Wylde

Tuesday 23rd June – Sunday 5th July

4 Printmakers – Go Wylde

Four Printmakers from different backgrounds with varied approaches to their work have come together for this special show. The show takes as its theme the word ‘Wylde’. A word intended to provoke different interpretations and meaning, light and dark, unruly and deliberate. Each of the four artists will bring a selection of work to the show based on that word. The responses will be different, unusual and unique as will the choice of print media they use. The remaining work will give the four contributors an opportunity to show the ways in which they develop and extend their individual printmaking practice.

Val Mager

Three dark and midnight hags - Val MagerFairy dale at Fimber - Val Mager (1)

Jan Stead

Sea Weave - Jan SteadBullrush - Jan Stead

Jacqui Riding

TheGorge - Jacqui Riding ChinaSky - Jacqui Riding

Angela Lindsley

Lonely Walk - Ang Lindsley Day Lily - Ang Lindsley

There will be a ‘Meet the Artists’ afternoon on Friday 26th and Sunday 28th June from 1-3pm.

Open daily (Tuesday-Sunday) 10am – 4pm

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Jane Wright – Photographer

Tuesday 7th July – Sunday 19th July

True Colours

This is Jane’s second solo exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery.

jane 1 jane 3


“This is my sixth solo exhibition.

With the freedom that a solo exhibition brings, I have returned to what I love; discovering my own urban playgrounds; searching for scenes and details in both urban and natural environments.

I have asked many questions, both of myself, and of the world I inhabit; not only when taking the photographs, but also when analyzing them, and interpreting the subconscious thoughts I must have had when taking them. This is my autobiographical narrative of the last two years.

Little is planned; I just take what I find.

The Badly Drawn Boy lyric “Do the colours of the rainbow look the same to everyone?” is relevant and true in so many aspects of life, as we all see things differently, and in a different light.

These are the colours that I see.

I took a lot of these photographs in Sidney Street, Sheffield, which in days gone by was the home to factories, where the local folk grafted long and hard, but now it is derelict and dangerous, yet to me it retains a magical feel; providing much creative material and inspiration.

It’s not all squalor; it’s love, colour, and a little bit of fizz!”

Jane Wright

April, 2015

jane 5

Open daily 10 – 4pm Sunday 11 – 4pm

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“William Farr Art and Design: Past and Present”.

Tuesday 21st July – Sunday 2nd August

“William Farr Art and Design: Past and Present”

All successful Artists start as students, some find their style early on whilst others strive for years to identify the artistic disciplines that complement their approach to Art and Design. At William Farr School those that take Art and Design are introduced to a wide range of techniques and skills that allow each student to develop and thrive as Artists.

This exhibition brings together a group of talented past and present William Farr School Art Students and celebrates their diverse range of skills and styles. Past students exhibiting include ceramicist Rebecca Lockley; Jewellery maker Katie Wood; painter Paolo Wilkinson and Illustrator Rebecca Boulter.

 Paolo Wilkinson - Alice Alli Pritchard


More information to follow soon

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The Irby Painters

Tuesday 4th – Sunday 16th August


We are a group of experienced artists who paint together during the winter months.

We share Information, expertise and enthusiasm whilst encouraging each other to develop
and retain all individual styles, approaches and subject interests.

We are pleased to be returning to the Sam Scorer gallery for the third time.



The artists in the group are:

Louise Bacon- mixed media
Dorothy Burke- mixed media
Lyn Calam- watercolour and acrylic
Wendy Elsey- oil and pastel
Janet Gilliatt- acrylic
Anne Harris- mixed media
Ann Turner- watercolour
Jackie Welton- mixed media

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Cathy Servonat Blanc

Monday 17th August – Sunday 30th August

Cathy Servonat Blanc

Blackbird cathy new 109 pic for lind This Little Piggy

More information to follow soon

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Marianne Nixey

Monday 31st August – Sunday 13th September

Marianne Nixey

skyscape sunset2 lily1

More information to follow soon

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Artescape 2015

Tuesday 9th June – Sunday 21st June

Artescape 2015

The Artescape trust is a local Lincoln art charity that was set up in 1981 by Michael Patrick Gogan. For 21 years the trust offered two, artescape fellows accommodation for a year rent free, culminating in an open day to display the work. This lasted for 20 years and there were 30 different artescape fellows who lived at the Artescape house. It has evolved since the death of Dr Gogan, with his daughters Annabel and Ingrid taking over as directors and creating an artescape trust that is now fully digitalised.

world illustration2                        painted etching correct moon

Images produced by Sarah Yates

Image 1; ”Women who work”, inspired by an ongoing Final Major Degree Show project, Women who Work was part of a series of posters in response to the starting text of Wilfred Owen’s Poem the Send Off. The combination of lino print and collage and etching gives clues as to what was happening on the front line against what the media portrayed as women who worked. The lines and compositional pieces were inspired by the works of Bauhaus artists and photo montage pieces.

Image 2; This was entered into the Folio Competition for ghost stories and was inspired by York Abbey. Its haunting and atmospheric moonlit scene was a response to the ghost tale the Treasure of Abbott Thomas. The success of the etching gave me confidence to experiment more with adding colour for extra effect. The etching and colour choices were inspired by Folio Society Winner and Illustrator Igor Karash.  Etching, watercolour and digital.

the sign

More information to follow soon

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Jaq McCaughern

Monday 25th May – Sunday 7th June

Internal Landscapes

FullSizeRender1 IMG_0128 1 IMG_0131 1

Everything is in a state of being….formed!
Emergence is what we take to be the concrete things around us, but nothing exists forever and therefore we are privileged to see the process of emerging forms from the nebula that is change as a frozen moment in time. Form from chaos has fascinated philosophers, scientists and artists from the beginnings of thought and trying to carve an existence from changing sands is what has formed civilisation
Whatever we sense is emerging from one state to another. This transient stage can be abrupt or seemingly endless, but the emergent forms obey the laws of the Universe’s way of shape and structure. Whether it is perceived as beautiful, alarming, ugly or awe-inspiring it simply IS.

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‘Arts Collective LPFT’

Tuesday 12th – Sunday 24th May 2015

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s Arts Collective Service

‘Lincolnshire Reflections’

                                              Lizzie J  Terry O 1

Nicola W 1

Lincolnshire Reflections is a collection of artwork produced by staff, volunteers and participants of the Arts Collective Service, Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The Service supports an Arts, Health and Wellbeing agenda through the use of specialist designed arts programmes which reflect the therapeutic benefits of arts engagement for people with mental health conditions. Participation in the arts can inspire hope and focusing on the arts can provide relaxation and distraction, expand horizons,            enhance self-esteem and improve mental well-being.

Lincolnshire Reflections is a collection of artworks designed to reflect the artists thoughts and feelings about Lincolnshire – a place that holds special memories or a favourite place to visit – the expanse of the Lincolnshire Skies or the isolation of its coast and woodlands.

 For further information contact: Teresa Overton, Visual Arts Coordinator – terry.overton@lpft.nhs.uk / 07827872394


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Nadin Group

Tuesday 28th April – Sunday 10th May 2015

The Nadin Group


                       FullSizeRender 20141011_183025 20141011_182421

“This year the Nadin Group is trying something different for the Scorer gallery.  We are bringing original Postcards to tempt you.  Selling for only £10 .  This is a chance to buy work from a favourite artist, frame how you wish and you have a bargain!!  They will be sold from the wall and replaced through the week, so a reason to be there first and return again and again!

Of course we will have the walls full of large and small framed work as usual, full of colour, light and life, bringing memories of the late Gill Nadin, our tutor and friend who set up the group to further her work as a tutor at the Lincoln School of Art.

The Nadin Group meets once a month in various venues to work, to share ideas and knowledge.

We always look forward to showing in the lovely space that Sam Scorer created and look forward to seeing old friends and new, hope you can join us too at the Private Viewing on Tuesday 28th April, 6.30 – 8.30pm”

Open daily 10am – 4pm

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