Caroline Matthaei – Father & Daughter – 29th Aug – 11th Sept 2016

I have created a series of small-scale figurative sculptures which accompany – and sometimes interact with – paintings by my late father, the architect Dr.Johann Joachim Matthaei.

Caroline Matthaei

Caroline Matthaei

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Rachel Olin – Revisit. Reconnect. Review. 16th – 28th August 2016

Rachel Olin, Icelandic Marriage

Rachel Olin, Icelandic Marriage

Revisit. Reconnect. Review. Re. is a bringing together of the old and the new; the previous works of Rachel Olin together with new works based on reconnection, reimagining and reinterpretation of earlier themes.

Rachel Olin is a graduate of Bishop Grosseteste University and an Artist local to Lincoln. Working with a variety of materials, particularly fibre and clay, her artistic inspirations include the prehistory and development of consciousness in Humans, Japanese culture and philosophies such as Bigaku and Wabi Sabi, and the portrayal of women.

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Paul Letchworth and Teresa Milnes, 2nd – 14th August 2016

Paul Letchworth and Teresa Milnes, 2nd – 14th August 2016


Paul Letchworth Statement:

Paul’s recent “gallery spaces” work have been inspired by looking at a range of architectural spaces in well known National and European museums. After spending so long inside the Art gallery, Paul began sketching the Architectural features in these public spaces early in 2015. The asymmetrical, the hand made and accidental are all features that he strives for in capturing unusual viewpoints, stairways and looking through structures. A diptych of paintings are from visits to Aldeburgh, where the textures and weathered boat surfaces captured his eye and other examples of his work show the dynamism of signs and symbols on the internet.

“I am interested in exploring the fine balance between gestural mark making contrasting with regular shapes and structures. I like my work to show the changes I make through the process of mark making and layering, arranging shape, line and colour”.

Paul lives locally and is an Art teacher. He is keen to undertake any commission work for business environments or private work. He is the author of the iStudyart app (which can be downloaded free on the app store) an app designed for users to annotate their experiences of the art gallery. His website can be found at

Teresa Milnes Statement:

The secret life of shadows, the deception of reflections and the confusion of contrasts are her inspiration. Turbulence and timelessness, stability and motion are elements Teresa endeavors to capture.

While her daughter is often her subject, it is always the contrast of energy and calm and the subtle transience of colour in ever changing light, which catch her attention. A triptych of her daughter, Madeline in a beautifully circular rock pool is a snapshot of a quiet contemplative moment –“toe tentatively dipped whilst the ocean beyond is a tumult of froth and foam”.

By contrast the diptych “Roller-disco” is a confusion of coloured shadows amongst which the human figure becomes distorted and blurred.

The works in this exhibition are oil on canvas.

Private view on Friday 5th August 2016 5.00 – 8.00 PM

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Jacquie & Bill McNeill, 19th – 31st July 2016

Bill McNeill

Bill McNeill

As a complement to our glass we have invited Sherwood Forest based artist David Evans to accompany us in our exhibition.

He will be showcasing his artistic talent, with originals and limited editions.

David draws inspiration from the forest, specifically the ancient oaks and classic design such as the Book of Kells.

His passion is drawing, be it in pencil, pen or brush and the use of fluid line. His outstanding figure work and portraiture, with developing techniques such as blending pencil or lyrical flowing brush strokes with indigo ink is depicted in his creative art!

email :-

Surface design and light!, showcase of glass

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“Perpetual Motion” Gavin Smith, 5th – 17th July 2016

Tuesday 5th July – Sunday 17th July 2016

 ’I'm a self-taught professional photographer from Scothern. 

For the Sam Scorer Gallery, I’ve put together a collection of my work with an emphasis on movement. 

From star trails photographed over 90 minutes to fast-moving aircraft
captured in thousandths of a second, I like to play with exposure
times to show dynamic forces at work.’


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“Folded, Wrapped & Bound” Janet Taylor, 21st June – 3rd July 2016


Tues 21st June- Sun 3rd July

“Folded, Wrapped & Bound”  Janet Taylor

Artescape Winner 2016

Postcard J._T Postcard PV reverse


The Artescape exhibition for 2016, the winner is Janet, a Bishop Grosseteste student who uses materials, rust and textures in her work.  The private view is Thursday the 23rd of June starting at 5pm.


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“Vantage Point” Aidan O’Carroll, 7th – 19th June 2016

Mon 6th June – Sun 19th June

“Vantage Point” Aidan O’Carroll      This input has been put on retrospectively due to technical problems with the website

Helpringham-High-Street-1-212x140Aidan creates work in a unique graphic style, invoking mood and atmosphere whilst still allowing the viewer space to interpret the work for themselves.

Aidan’s exhibition was well attended, with lots of positive feedback and comments from the public. Aidan enjoyed his time at the gallery and we hope he will exhibit with us again in the future.

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“Imprints” Lisa Mitchell, 26th April – 8th May 2016


By Lisa Mitchell-1

26th April – 15th May 2016   Lisa Mitchell – Artist Statement for Sam Scorer

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Update from Anne Larder, 30th March 2016


FullSizeRender-2Two years ago, I asked Helena if she would join me and have a ‘two woman’ show of our work. We had seen my paintings and her wood sculpture together previously at group shows and thought they shared a similar theme.

We submitted our request to the gallery and I am delighted to be here now with her, interacting with our visitors and presenting our work in this lovely space.

We were welcomed on arrival by one of the gallery managers and given the necessary information about the gallery policy before we installed our work.

To make our work look attractive and easy to view we worked together during the installation. Helena using the plinths and floor space and my paintings on the walls using the rail hanging system. I also brought my own small easels for some paintings to stand alone around the room.

For me, meeting the visitors is an important part of showing my work. I have set up a small easel and trolley with my painting equipment to let them see how I work. I am a ‘Daily Painter’ so painting whilst they are browsing in the gallery is quite comfortable for me and I am happy to explain what I do.

I am really enjoying this experience at Sam’s. After preparing this large body of work it is good to see the paintings all together in one space. The spot lighting and natural light from the roof windows are just right for our art and visitors have enough room to walk around or sit and relax whilst viewing the show.

Thank you Sam Scorer for this little gem in our beautiful city. I hope to be back.

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CNN Christmas Exhibition 21st November – 18th December 2016

Christmas Crafts -Affordable handmade crafts for unique gifts.Baying Stag -Adele Billinghay -  Glass Artist Laura Mabbutt - felt artist-1 Continue reading

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