Alec Shepley

Wednesday 1st May - Sunday 12th May By-Product Exchange Society

This exhibition comprising small collages, drawings and photographic works by UK artist Alec Shepley, documents the informal or ‘unofficial’ side of his practice. Stretching back over fifteen years of creative practice and referencing partial, cut, defaced or torn images, broken or wonky structures and using fragmentary and fragile/waste materials found on the floor of his studio, gallery stores and in skips etc, these works draw together his ‘workings out’.

In other words, they are the more intimate and reflective by products often made on a domestic scale i.e. on the kitchen table, and in the stolen moments during larger, more formal gallery projects.

These works reflect his concerns around interrupting or diverting the ‘narrative flow’ of the image and provide and insight into his broader project to advance the idea of art as a moment of exchange and resist the notion of the institutionalization or commodification of art.

Open daily 10am - 4pm

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