Bishop Grosseteste Art and Design students


Tuesday 19th March - Friday 29th March 2013 It’s Better to be The Head of a Live Sardine than the Tail of a Dead Trout…


Curated by Paul Cordwell and Jane Rogers

Organised by the third year students studying on the BA (Hons) Education with Art and Design at Bishop Grosseteste University, the group show includes paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptural works, showcasing their on-going practice - a culmination of the study of art and design over a three year period. The divergent work within the exhibition is inspired by the student’s personal issues, visual interests, within a variety of contextual frameworks. Different influences and intentions are underpinned through shared experiences and working collectively within a studio environment.

The title chosen by the students brings to my mind two things, one is a pep talk by my head of primary school just before moving into secondary education – ‘you are a big fish in a little pool, but soon you will be a small fish in a large pool’. The other is a press statement by a footballer returning from a long ban after executing a kung fu kick on a racist supporter in the stand - 'When seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea’. The Head teacher might have been using cliché and the footballer might possibly have been deemed to be pretentious, but they were both getting a particular point across in quite different ways.

Getting a point across is what artists try to do, asking ‘what is the point?’ is a task for us all…or maybe it’s just a case of heads or tails?

Open daily 10am -5.30pm

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