'Borrowed Blue'

Tuesday 3rd September - Sunday 15th September 2013 'Borrowed Blue'

The show takes as its theme the old and hopefully auspicious rhyme, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, Something Old and Something New.

Each of the 12 artists taking part will bring four works to the show. One work will be by a guest of the artist, either a work they own or work they have borrowed that they want to share. The other works will be their own, a work with a strong blue theme an older work and a new work .

With a very diverse range of contributors and these contrasts the show will offer a different perspective on the way the artists change and develop their practice. The artists featured are Phil Bowman, Jane Wright, Janice Kok, Lea Goldberg, Kevin Wallhead , Caroline Matthaei, Ann Stoker, Jana Siebers, Lyn Lovitt, Carol Butler, Lisa Mitchell and Clive Redshaw. One of the artists will be in the gallery each day to welcome visitors.

Sunday 8th September 2pm - 4pm 'Meet the Artists' and have a taste of the summer with 'ice-cream' being served!

Open daily 10am - 5pm

'British girl in Turkey' charcoal on scored paper 50cm x 85cm Ann Stoker                         KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA phil bowman                summer lea goldburgh




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