Lauren Cooke

Tuesday 25th June - Sunday 7th July 2013 'Fragments'

This will be the first solo exhibition by emerging artist Lauren Cooke in her home town of Lincoln since she re-located to London in 2006, where, in 2011, she gained her Masters of Art with Commendation in Fine Art from Kingston University.

Fragments will feature recent painting, sculpture and drawing as well as work created especially for this show.Cooke's work questions the representation of the human figure in post modern and contemporary art through a fragmentary journey away from the subject and towards abstraction.

This exhibition explores how intimacy can be interpreted as nudity and challenges established perceptions of gender, sexuality and representation. In creating the work Cooke has employed the tradition of life drawing as a starting point, thereby touching upon a vast historical discourse, whilst simultaneously looking to the future and the possibility of the new.

Open daily 10am - 4pm

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