Neville Hull

Tuesday 11th - Sunday 23rd December 2012 This show will centre around portraiture. I will be showing several personal examples, and a new series depicting war veterans. I've always felt some sort of indefinable rapport with those who were involved in the horror of war, for whatever reason and from any country. What I hoped to do here was to celebrate these men as examples of their kind, and breathe a little new life into them, awarding them respect regardless of their actual actions, but in recognition of their exposure to the extremity of human experience as found in war. As far as I know they are all entirely ordinary, and uncelebrated. I have of necessity had to use images that were originated by someone else. Normally I would not work like this, but to achieve my objective I could hardly do otherwise, so I put my reservations aside to allow myself to pay my respects. I chose photographs which I believe have not been published, but are personal ones that the soldiers themselves sent back to their friends and families.

Accompanying these pictures will be a small set of images in which I hope to make people connect with the idea of captivity, both physical and emotional. Completing the show is a set of drawings which hopefully will entertain as much as disturb.

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