Artescape 2015

Tuesday 9th June - Sunday 21st June

Artescape 2015

The Artescape trust is a local Lincoln art charity that was set up in 1981 by Michael Patrick Gogan. For 21 years the trust offered two, artescape fellows accommodation for a year rent free, culminating in an open day to display the work. This lasted for 20 years and there were 30 different artescape fellows who lived at the Artescape house. It has evolved since the death of Dr Gogan, with his daughters Annabel and Ingrid taking over as directors and creating an artescape trust that is now fully digitalised.

world illustration2                        painted etching correct moon

Images produced by Sarah Yates

Image 1; ''Women who work'', inspired by an ongoing Final Major Degree Show project, Women who Work was part of a series of posters in response to the starting text of Wilfred Owen's Poem the Send Off. The combination of lino print and collage and etching gives clues as to what was happening on the front line against what the media portrayed as women who worked. The lines and compositional pieces were inspired by the works of Bauhaus artists and photo montage pieces.

Image 2; This was entered into the Folio Competition for ghost stories and was inspired by York Abbey. Its haunting and atmospheric moonlit scene was a response to the ghost tale the Treasure of Abbott Thomas. The success of the etching gave me confidence to experiment more with adding colour for extra effect. The etching and colour choices were inspired by Folio Society Winner and Illustrator Igor Karash.  Etching, watercolour and digital.

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