East Coast 7

Tuesday 3rd - Sunday 15th March 2015

Time, Tide and Beyond

We are a group of seven, dedicated, postgraduate fine artists rooted in the east coast region. We are bound by a common goal – to bring our unique surroundings to life through a variety of approaches.

One of our main strengths is that we work across a range of disciplines, both two and three dimensional. We use the tools and techniques of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and printmaking to respond to the nuances of our particular area and to look beyond the visible.

Our vision is to support each other in the continuing development of our own art practice and to encourage the public’s engagement with art.

Heather Pickwell 4 Jackie Welton 3 Julie Gough 3 Pippa Llewellyn 2 Sally Yarrington 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Tina Waller 1

Open daily 10 - 4pm.


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