Tuesday 31st March - Sunday 12th April 2015


Synapse, an East Midlands artists’ collective are pleased to present ‘Transitions’, an exhibition exploring individual responses to states of transience. Exhibiting artists are Tracey Kershaw, Tracy Walker, Steffie Richards, Paul Holding and Helene Markham Jones who work in a range of media.

Tracey Kershaw’s practice focuses on aspects of motherhood and particularly on the changing relationship between her son and herself. She uses everyday materials, events and experiences to explore the impermanence of each phase of her maternal relationship as well as interrelated subjects such as fertility, ageing and time passing.

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Tracy Walker’s practice focuses on dialogue between colour and light drawing upon the experience of place and memory within the landscape. Her works entice you into their space as she investigates colour transitions that jostle and fight for position within the composition at the same time as creating the illusion of infinite space.

Steffie Richard’s investigations consider the ‘visually’-invisible traces of our passing through space and through the process of painting she revisits the euphoria of monumentally profound momentary personal experiences that become embedded in our psyche.

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Paul Holding’s practice responds to landscapes of memory, of places loved and times recalled where he expresses a sense of place through the rich colour of painted surfaces. His abstract, gestural and playful mark making lays down the spirit of a place with all of its incumbent sounds, smells, sensations and associations.

Helene Markham Jones’s work is concerned order and chaos within Nature and how it’s structures and fluxes affect our material, visual and psychological world. Transitions between colour, form and matter and the juxtaposition of elements is a primary interest as is the seeking of an expression that conveys the perception of the experience of the forces and structures of nature.

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