Jane Wright - Photographer

Tuesday 7th July - Sunday 19th July

True Colours

This is Jane’s second solo exhibition at Sam Scorer Gallery.

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"This is my sixth solo exhibition.

With the freedom that a solo exhibition brings, I have returned to what I love; discovering my own urban playgrounds; searching for scenes and details in both urban and natural environments.

I have asked many questions, both of myself, and of the world I inhabit; not only when taking the photographs, but also when analyzing them, and interpreting the subconscious thoughts I must have had when taking them. This is my autobiographical narrative of the last two years.

Little is planned; I just take what I find.

The Badly Drawn Boy lyric “Do the colours of the rainbow look the same to everyone?” is relevant and true in so many aspects of life, as we all see things differently, and in a different light.

These are the colours that I see.

I took a lot of these photographs in Sidney Street, Sheffield, which in days gone by was the home to factories, where the local folk grafted long and hard, but now it is derelict and dangerous, yet to me it retains a magical feel; providing much creative material and inspiration.

It’s not all squalor; it’s love, colour, and a little bit of fizz!"

Jane Wright

April, 2015

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Open daily 10 - 4pm Sunday 11 - 4pm

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