Julia Law

Tuesday 17th - Sunday 29th March 2015

'echoes in oils'

“My love for oil painting began at university.  While learning to paint, I was able to study the medium through the techniques of the world’s greatest artists.  I have been exploring its potential ever since.

From Lava & Sea by Julia Law Sundown Man & Dog 'echoes in oil' From Alit by Julia Law

As a student, I was encouraged to explore abstract and conceptual art and to search for something new.  I don’t consider myself a ‘landscape artist’ and would prefer not to be assigned any label.   I draw inspiration from the bounty of life.  It might come from the colour of leaves against a blue sky or, just as easily, from a facial expression, the mood of a stormy day or the sun shimmering on the sea.  I use sketches and photographs to develop the composition.  I then explore style and technique; this continues throughout the development of the painting and eventually an image evolves that I hope will be interesting, stimulating and visually pleasing.”

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