Cathy Servonat Blanc

Monday 17th August - Sunday 30th August 2015

Cathy Servonat Blanc

The large mixed media figurative works are initially based upon childhood memories and cherished toys drawn from direct observation. Places of emotional significance and costumes are all combined to create a tableau of narrative episodes. They look to explore the transient world that exists between childhood & adulthood.

Blackbird cathy new 109

 The deliberate use of distorted perspective is designed to draw attention to the importance a child places upon a personal cherished object and how a child’s world they develop a persona and can appear to be larger than life. The inherent value of nursery rhymes places a prominent role throughout. There is a playful element in the way in which the content of the nursery rhymes has been altered in the images.

pic for lind This Little Piggy

Travel and displacement is a theme running throughout the work.

Open daily 11 - 4pm

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