Shirley Rodgers

Tuesday 15th - Sunday 27th September

 Shirley Rodgers, Mosaic Artist


'Although my professional background is in education I have spent all my life with art in one form or another - interior design, fashion design and tailoring, soft furnishing, painting.

Seven years ago I gave up my career in headship to pursue a dream not deemed ‘appropriate’ when I left school in 1968. During this time I have worked for private and corporate clients, producing commissioned artwork and logos and in an educational setting with primary aged children, whilst working mainly on individual mosaics in my home studio. I make mosaic Kits for children and adults, both pre-cut (rather like a jigsaw) and kits which supply tools and tesserae for free art. I enjoy both the art aspect and the craft aspect of mosaic work. Each provides its own satisfaction and often they overlap.

My inspiration came initially from Ancient Rome, but I am also heavily influenced by Antonio Gaudi, and fell in love with the freedom of his furniture, architecture and mosaic work. From studying his work my imagination took hold and inspiration now comes from many places and directions; Africa, the garden, other artists work, my Christian faith etc etc.'

Our Lady of Lincoln 1st'I have exhibited my work in Lincoln, Nottingham, Paris and London. Exhibiting gives me the opportunity to meet people outside of my studio and receive feedback about my work from the public.'

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