Lisa Mitchell

Lost by Lisa MitchellIMPRINTS Lisa Mitchell

25th April - 8th May 2016

As  living, breathing souls inhabiting this small planet together, it is built within our default settings to engage in relationships with others, be that as a friend, work colleague, lover, parent, child and even ourselves. We cannot avoid them and each connection is unique. Some of which leave imprints on our lives forever. It is these relationships that forge us, help us to grow, develop and at times destroy us. We learn how to love and we learn how to be hurt. Our interpretations of which are as unique as our fingerprints. The pieces I have selected to include in the exhibition are a culmination of two years work. As an artist I am always exploring and trying new techniques. For the past few years I have been working solely in Photography however just recently I have also been returning to my Textile background and producing more mixed media works. I am a lover of the written word and this too plays an integral part within my work and  excerpts of which you will also be able to see here. Life is for living….and without feelings we cannot be alive!

SAMSUNG CSC By Lisa Mitchell-2 By Lisa Mitchell-1 By Lisa Mitchell (2)