Derrick Hawker

Derrick Hawker29th Feb - 13th March 2016 Derrick Hawker

Derrick Hawker took up his post as Principal of Lincolnshire College of Art & Desin in 1984 until his early retirement in the late 1990s.

He returned to Southern Ireland where he once again immersed himself as a full-time painter.

He developed his painting style recording the constantly moving light across the undulating rock-strewn area of Connemara. Derrick became adept and skilful in employing his painting style to record and interpret moving light as it divides and changes allowing viewers to see a figurative image from both distance and in close up detail used to explore patterns and shapes within this unique landscape.

Previous exhibitions include:

An Islands Retrospective sponsored by Galway City Museum

also producing The Ballynakill Lake, Gorumna series

There will be an Exhibition launch by invitation on Sat 5th March 2016 11.00am - 5pm