Update from Anne Larder, 30th March 2016

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-2Two years ago, I asked Helena if she would join me and have a ‘two woman’ show of our work. We had seen my paintings and her wood sculpture together previously at group shows and thought they shared a similar theme.

We submitted our request to the gallery and I am delighted to be here now with her, interacting with our visitors and presenting our work in this lovely space.

We were welcomed on arrival by one of the gallery managers and given the necessary information about the gallery policy before we installed our work.

To make our work look attractive and easy to view we worked together during the installation. Helena using the plinths and floor space and my paintings on the walls using the rail hanging system. I also brought my own small easels for some paintings to stand alone around the room.

For me, meeting the visitors is an important part of showing my work. I have set up a small easel and trolley with my painting equipment to let them see how I work. I am a ‘Daily Painter’ so painting whilst they are browsing in the gallery is quite comfortable for me and I am happy to explain what I do.

I am really enjoying this experience at Sam’s. After preparing this large body of work it is good to see the paintings all together in one space. The spot lighting and natural light from the roof windows are just right for our art and visitors have enough room to walk around or sit and relax whilst viewing the show.

Thank you Sam Scorer for this little gem in our beautiful city. I hope to be back.