Printers Inc, Fusion, 13th - 25th September 2016

Fusion 13th - 25th September 2016 The aim of the exhibition is to showcase how our members use their experience of other artistic media to inform the development of their intaglio printing, and conversely, how the techniques and lessons of printing fuse with the influence of other media to produce a variety of both 2D and 3D work. The works within the exhibit will range from pure intaglio prints using a variety of techniques, through a fusion of mixed media items using a combination of intaglio printing and other disciplines to items showing the prime artistic methodologies that our members are individually known for.  It will demonstrate the inter-relationship of inspiration and techniques and visually demonstrate that one cannot be isolated from the other.

Dean William Birch, Coventry Cathedral, Screenprint

Printers Inc Exhibiting Members

Members of Printers Inc contributing to this exhibition are:

Dean William Birch, Harriott Brand, Mandy Bray, Jean Copsey, Rachel Hansford, Margaret Kirby, Sara McKenna, Jackie Mills, Alison Salter, Janet Wain

At least one exhibiting member of Printers Inc will be at the gallery during the whole of the exhibition.  They will be able to answer any queries visitors may have regarding the works and exhibiting members.

Background of Printers Inc

Printers Inc is an Intaglio print group which meets at the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) in Sleaford once a month.  The group’s membership is made up of amateur, semi-professional and professional artists who are all interested in exploring intaglio printing.  The majority of members use other media as their primary artistic discipline and so had a minimal experience of printing when they joined.  In short, everyone is somewhere on a voyage of discovery with print, and we are developing our techniques as time goes on.  For some this is the start of an artistic journey, for others this is picking up from where it was interrupted some years ago or this adds to what is a lifelong pursuit.

Our formal meetings only concentrate on prints made from collograph plates and drypoint acrylic.  Some of our members do other printing methods at home, and all will also develop a final product, either using an intaglio print in its pure form or from mixed media using an intaglio print created at the meeting.  This produces an individuality for which Printers Inc is especially proud.

Printers Inc has exhibited as a group at both NCCD and the Carre Gallery in 2014.  We exhibited at Whisby Nature World Centre in 2015 and also created a collaborative book for a Magna Carta exhibition at NCCD and Harding House in 2015.  We are looking to possibly develop an exhibition with NCCD in 2017.  In addition, we also participate in NCCD’s free themed taster days for children to encourage the next generation to experiment with printing techniques.  Our members also undertake exhibitions as individuals in their own right.

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