Changing States | 24th April - 7th May 2017

Glass Artist Lynn Baker & Metal Artist Adrian Stapleton are coming together to curate and create and exhibition which will explore how, with the application of heat, base materials can be transformed into beautiful objects.

“Metals have a vast potential to please and surprise. Un-worked they are flat, hard, straight and cold. To take a piece of this industrial material and with heat, hammer and hand transform it is rewarding and challenging. Hot forging has an immediacy and directness, a process I find endlessly fascinating.
— Adrian Stapleton
meander sunset
I am fascinated by glass. When it is heated, it turns from a solid to a liquid and in its molten state I can pull, push, bend, blow and twist it, meaning I have to think quickly. The possibilities are endless and the results always exciting.
— Lynn Baker
Sam Scorer Gallery