Earth Patterns | 4th July - 17th July 2017

Jaq McCaughern returns to Sam Scorer Gallery to showcase her exquisite panel work and paper clay slip structures. 

An exhibition of work inspired by the building blocks of life

and the patterns that emerge as the earth and life on earth


Jaq comes from a background in historic and decorative arts.

She uses the historic techniques of layering gesso and gilding

combined with acrylic paints to produce

contemporary landscapes.

The landscapes are on large panels showing the hot terrains

and icescapes as though viewed from above. Full of texture,

colour and catching the changing light, these large works are

constantly and subtly changing throughout the day.

Complimenting these large earthscapes are the

delicate porcelain like nests and orbs made from

paperclay slip. These exquisite forms look at the

emergence of life in the form of plant structures and

egg shapes. They are quite simply as beautiful and

delicate as the processes of nature they reflect.

Jaq's work can also be seen at and on Instagram @jaquelinemccaughern

Sam Scorer Gallery