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Rob Vashak & John Holt 'the Art of Nature'

A new exhibition at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Lincoln, features the work of two artists, Rob Vashak and John Holt

Rob Vashak, from his studio, “Studio Mitate” in North Carlton, Lincoln, produces a range of work predominantly in wood. The body of work being shown includes several pieces from an ongoing 5 year project “A Barn A Day” a range of forms inspired and influenced by the universally recognised concept of home.

In this project I am creating a sustained body of work which reflects my personal creative development as a sculptor. Each piece takes on various forms and combinations of materials, all sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly. The work, a simple layering of stories  both locates and  draws in the audience as a witness, consciously and unconsciously connecting with the comforting concept of home, whilst challenging the disposable fragility of consumerism and populism in society.

Using only sustainable materials Rob Vashak is interested in the Japanese concept of “Mitate” where objects are seen in a new light, often gaining a new life in a new form under a new purpose. Recycled materials and objects play a key part in my work.

Rob Vashak moved to Lincoln 30 yrs ago following a successful career in design education. He studied Three dimensional design at Leeds University and has recently exhibited at the Manchester Museum of Science and Technology and Gallery Peix Vermel , Mallorca.

John Holt, from his studio in Holmfirth  began to search within an abiding interest in art and transformation by visually exploring notions of “flow and fluidity”.  “Flow” as manifest physically in nature and psychologically in the process, the mechanics of human creativity.

This work was developed in a series of large scale drawings, ceramic sculptures and in installations such as one in which I placed a series of seven ceramic sculptures into the flow of a fast flowing river and another working with a musician on an ongoing project entitled “Fragments of Lost Rivers”. These works took on a Taoist dimension. Taoism teaches a person to flow with life and to me this working process was concerned with placing oneself into the flow of life through art, to manifest a “creative flow”. The idea that the construction of language was an antidote to psychic fracture and disconnection from self was continued in my studio, just as I had always espoused in my work with students, patients and users of mental health services over many years. These visual maps of “flowing” I made in my studio are indicators of a search for a unity, of a psychic and a spiritual health and potentially of the true expression of one’s own nature. This work indicates the healing potential in art and it celebrates the power and beauty of the nature within us all.   


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