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Natasha Monfared: Artscape Winner 2018

"Being political is an integral part of being Iranian. Our lives are defined by politics" – Shirin Neshat

Since the Iranian Revolution of 1979, women have constantly found ways to rebel against restrictive laws. Natasha Monfared highlights this ongoing resistance by Iranian women through collage and sculpture. The role the mandatory veil plays within her work explores and questions its initial function in relation to a political weapon. Acting as a voice for these women who lack freedom of speech, Monfared aims to raise awareness of a fleeting moment of protest.

How we perceive women in Iran may be stereotypical, but this begs the question: what is the source of this oppression?

Show runs from June 5th-June 17th every day from 10-4.

Natasha Monfared_Lipstick Bullets.jpg
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