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‘Art is a continuing dialogue that stretches back through thousands of years…….’ (Kit White)

Jaci and Sue have had an ongoing dialogue about Art and their different roles in it since they met whilst working in the Arts in 2002. Their styles are very different but they share a love of the countryside.  Jaci explores aspects of the natural environment with texture and colour in her mixed media work and paintings whilst Sue explores nature and folklore themes in her illustrative lino prints and textiles. This exhibition celebrates their individual approaches and continues the dialogues that artists hold with their own work and with others.

Jaci Gill

Ideas that I began to explore in 2014 have proved to be a rich source for exploring elements that are basic to art and life, such as colour, texture and pattern, using different media to develop themes that inspire: the layers of colour in a landscape or a shoreline,  the strong shapes and intricate textures in reed-beds and vineyards ……… The work in this exhibition is part of my own inner dialogue with my ideas and interpretation of them.


Sue Rowland, Printmaker and Textile Artist

‘My detailed illustrative prints and textile pieces celebrate the natural world and are dialogue with British folklore and superstitions of the past, a time when we were more in tune with nature, the landscape and the weather. The work explores pattern, texture and rich colours in intricate design layouts which entice you to look closer and to perhaps learn a quirky fact about the old folklore meanings that inspired each piece'.

Sue trained at Central St Martins and has worked in the textile industry designing for high street stores. Working as a professional artist, she is well known for her school and community creative projects in the East Midlands. She is a tutor for Leicester Print Workshop, a member of The Leicester Society of Artists and sells her work through various galleries.