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'Balancing Body and Mind' by Wendy Ronaldson

An installation by Wendy Ronaldson, a Lincolnshire artist who experiments to produce multi-media work –Video, Paintings, Collage and Assemblages. She is open to self-debate which includes one hard and fast rule in her work and this is no self-pity alongside the balance of freedom to reach her end goal.

Wendy’s work explores a moment in time, a sense of being in that moment, a connection to life experiences which relate to speech dysfluency, stammering. A disconnection from society and a lack of communication skills and miss understanding in society has driven Wendy to explore further. She was initially self- taught but she was not satisfied with her work, after speech therapy and attending a self-help group in Doncaster her confidence grew and she took on a Fine art degree which she has just completed.

Wendy’s assemblage work in the exhibition is interactive, allowing the viewer to experience Wendy’s personal feelings of her stammer from a covert perspective. It explores speech, allowing us to connect with the power and complexity of communication which is sometimes taken for granted.

WR My Stammer.jpg
WR Conversation 0.jpg
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Later Event: October 29