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Martin Moyers

The paintings on show represent nearly forty years of work .  The subject matter and content of the work is simply about people , places and time . "Tempus Fugit " is the  title of one of the paintings and the exhibition referring  to a specific person my wife, the location is a small chapel in Italy and the time was early afternoon 2010. Thus time in this case is location and person specific . Painting for myself  is just as much about what I do with my  time and what I may become in the future as denoting my experiences. Painting  allows me to objectify to some degree  experiences in life since time can be so fleeting. . 

The paintings are predominantly oil on canvas whilst more recent works have mixed media elements within them . They range in scale from small figure studies to larger panoramic paintings of landscapes and figures with a new series of patchwork / hand painted collaged images based on the writings of Joseph Campbell a comparative mythologist

Martin oyers Canley 2016.jpg
Martin Moyers Italian Lakes 2011.jpg
Martin Moyers Bliss 2 2017.jpg