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‘Seeds of Inspiration: Stories from the Allotment’ by Lynn Baker and Jeanette Kilner

For the past two years Lincolnshire based artists Lynn Baker and Jeanette Killner have been making work for an exhibition to be held at Sam Scorer Gallery this spring.  Both artists have been visiting allotments in the county, drawing and taking photographs, each artist inspired to develop ideas in sketchbooks and further their work.


Jeanette has made small, intricately constructed illustrations from metal, using techniques such as embossing and repousse, which show the cyclical nature of growing things: the annual rituals involved in the gardening year, from selecting seeds and cultivating a range of produce to the winter clearing up and digging, as well as pest control, compost and the all-important shed!


Lynn has turned her attention to the ‘root’ of the matter.  Her hand-blown glass ranges have been inspired by thread roots and the colourful array of bottles, compost bins and sheds.  The colourful ‘characters’ that she met along the way are there too, albeit in the background.   


Jeanette and Lynn look forward to welcoming visitors each day to their exhibition and to sharing with them their thoughts and design work, and to discussing the techniques and processes behind their finished pieces.

Jeanette Killner 'A Perfect Shed'   Recycled Drinks Cans & Wire.jpg
Lynn Baker Seed Head Bottle 2 Photo   by Simon Bruntnell_C0A5571.jpg