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Artscape Winner: Fiona Carruthers

The fragile or transient quality of Fiona’s work communicates the vulnerability and uncertainty of our times. 

It reminds us of the connections between our day-to-day and the durational, often invisible, changes that are taking place around us. 

“Central to my work is the understanding that our lives are tied not only to 

the geography and history of our location but also to the politics and culture 

of our times. Our health and wellbeing, and that of our environment are

subservient to political and economic decision-making, the structures that 

these generate and to the norms that are accepted by society as a consequence.”

This exhibition is supported by the Artescape Trust charity which was founded in 1981 by 

Dr M.P. Gogan. Its annual competition, the Artescape Trust Award, offers space and resources to one of Lincoln’s artists or art students to help them realise their potential.        

Fiona Red Flood   Evacuation_East_FCarruthers.jpg
Fiona Waiting_FCarruthers.jpg