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CANCELLED: Five Lincolnshire Artists

We are very sorry to have to tell you that due to a sudden and very serious family illness the Five South Lincolnshire Artists show that was due to show in the gallery from the 6th-18th August can no longer take place.

Cliff Baxendale has however very kindly been able to arrange for his widely enjoyed show to continue until the 18th.








Lind Anso –Oil Painter

When Auguste Renoir was in his eighties and finished his last picture he put down his brush and said “At last I think I know what it is all about” This is pretty much what I think I my eighties, too, although I am not as certain as Renoir. I still don’t know what my art is really about .Every painting is a surprise and a tussle to get the desired result, a fashion of space, construction and colour .If it can be beautiful to, so much the better.

I was born in New Zealand in 1938 from an English father and a Russian mother, who was a talented artist. Her seascapes were very beautiful and atmospheric .In the 1960’s I came to London to work and study with particular reference to figurative art( not fashionable at that time).I also studied “old master” techniques making my own canvases and grounds in traditional ways. I have exhibited at the London Guildhall and the Corn Exchange, and also at New Zealand House. My work is in private collections and also in churches, including St. Clements in Hasting, St. Johns in Clerkenwell, London, and St.Botolphs in Boston Lincolnshire.


Wendy Dabrowska –Story Paintings

My whole life has been about Art form the cradle to the present. Early memories are of chalk being given to me to draw sitting in a high chair as I watched the orange flames from a fire licking upwards and reflecting on the wall. On entering reception as a child, tearful at leaving a parent, and being given yellow chalk and white paper and being amazed at the luminous glow the yellow chalk made on the white paper. Then there as the flash card held up with the brightest green apple.

My work tells stories best left to the viewer to interpret. I look to Artists and Architects for my inspiration, mostly from the 20th century. I have exhibited in Lincolnshire and with the Association of Illustrators, London WC2,at Lauderdale House Highgate, one painting exhibition another a photographic exhibition, and most recently in the Guildhall Museum on Boston, where I made a 15th Century woman “come alive “!I worked form a com