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'Birds from my mind' by Lyn Lovitt

Lyn is a Fellow of the Society of Designer Craftsmen ( and has exhibited her works with them at the Mall Galleries, London.

Her ceramic sculptures have won awards and are collected by various clients.

The Ropewalk in Barton on Humber has held exhibitions of her work and is a stockist of her ceramic vessels, torsos and cards.

Lyn has held several solo exhibitions at the Sam Scorer Gallery, Drury Lane, Lincoln and is preparing for another solo show this September 17 – 29.

Locally, the Willoughby Memorial Trust Gallery at Corby Glen is also a regular exhibitor for Lyn’s work and she will be showing there in April 2020.


Working with clay that can be fired to a temperature of 1260* centigrade Lyn will use either a hand mixture of stoneware and terracotta clays, Valentines Professional Black clay or Valentines Grogged Porcelain. Each piece is hand made using the coiling and pinching method and when ‘leather’ hard the shape is scraped with a tool, a metal kidney, to refine and to give a ‘tooth’ to the work. Simple defining colour may be added with slips before a firing.




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